Flyte uses Glushu for his small brittle hooves.

Thanks to Glushu Farrier Mark Osborne and owner Lisa Rice for sending us these photos of the gorgeous Flyte. If your horse has brittle hooves that are tricky to nail Glushu is a great alternative to traditional shoeing.

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From Owner Lisa Rice.

“I honestly don’t think he would be here today was it not for Glushu. We have been battling with his small brittle feet for years and we were seriously thinking it could be the end of the road as he was in so much distress.

Thanks to Glushu and my amazing Farrier Mark Osborne he is now completely comfortable and such a happy boy.

We cannot recommend Glushu enough.”

From Farrier Mark Osborne.

“Flyte has very tricky hooves to manage. His feet are small and the hoof is brittle so nailing would be precarious. Glushu are perfect for horses with these type of problems.

The system is easy and quick. It is very cold here in Scotland at the moment so we tried out the new Fast Fix system and it was fantastic. The horse was able to stand whilst the Glushu set which meant we did not have to stand in the cold holding his hoof for too long.

Glushu are a great addition to the farrier tool box.”

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