Farrier Report: Show Jumper with de-lamination.

Big thank you to expert farrier Ian Gajczak for sharing his experience of using Glushu on a horse with de-lamination. To see more of Ians work please visit his Facebook page by clicking here. Glushu can help with many hoof conditions. If you would like to discuss your hoof problems and how Glushu can help with our experts please contact us info@glushu.com. Glushu are available world wide from our online store or at your local farrier supply. From Ian: “This is my latest Glushu work on a Junior Riders show jumping horse rescue case. The mare has some significant de-lamination issues with the hoof wall (white line intact and appears healthy). The horse is relatively new to the owner so we are

Glushu for Ex Race horse with thin hoof walls.

Thanks to Simon Millar from Redwings Horse Sanctuary for sharing Pariyans Glushu story. We are so happy to see this former race horse loving his life. If you have a horse with tender or thin hooves Glushu can help. Order today from our online store or at your local farrier supply. If you have any questions about how Glushu can help your tenderfoot please contact us info@glushu.com. From Simon Millar, “Hi Glushu, this is our 8 year old ex race horse Pariyan. He was born at the Aga Kahn Stud in Heras France 2012, with great prospects. His Father ‘Sindar’ won English Derby, Irish Derby, Kentucky Derby and the prise ‘Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe’ Donald McCain racing bought him at 3 years old as a

Farrier Report: Glushu for hoof bone rotation.

Big thank you to expert farrier Pacsal Wick for sharing his experience using Glushu on a foal who was lame due to hoof bone rotation. If you think your horse could benefit from Glushu glue on horse shoes order today from our online store or at your local farrier supply. If you would like to discuss your horses hoof condition and how Glushu can help please get in touch info@glushu.com. From Pascal; “This 5 month foal is my latest client. Unfortunately the clinic diagnosed him with “hoof bone rotation due to malposition”. The foal was crippled on both front hooves and started to tip over when rolling on the left front hoof. I have used Glushu a lot in the past and knew that they would help wit

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