Vet Report: Glushu for Hoof Wall Separation.

Thank you to Manor Equine Vets for sharing their Glushu success with a pony suffering from Hoof Wall Separation. We are so glad we could help. Check out more about Manor Equine vets on their website or on Facebook @ManorEquineVets If you would like to use Glushu on your horse order now from our online store or order from your local farrier supply store. From Manor Equine Vets. "A positive result with a Connemara pony that was tested and confirmed HWSD positive couple years ago. The gelding is only 6 years of age and owned by a young girl. Glushu very kindly has sponsored the first sets of front shoes and glue-u glue. On the hinds I have applied fibre glass casting t

Farrier Report: Glushu for seedy toe.

Thank you to expert farrier Adam Lane for sharing photos from a recent Glushu fitting on a horse with a very damaged hoof. If you would like to try Glushu order from our online store or contact your local farrier supply store. From Adam Lane. " Hi Glushu, I just thought I’d send you some pictures of a horse I’ve just shod at the race yard in your GluShu’s. The horse had been turned away and came in lame with seedy toe and no foot. Check out the pictures. This horse was completely sound after I finished fitting the Glushu. Thanks. Adam Lane."

Farrier Report: Glushu for laminitis & fear of shoeing.

Big thank you to expert farrier Adam Cooper for sharing his experience of shoeing a laminitic horse with Glushu. Click here to see all of Adams work on his Facebook page. If you would like to try Glushu on your laminitic order now from our online store or your local farrier supply store. From Adam Cooper. "This is my client Sonada, she is an 18 year old retired Polo Pony. Sonada has a number of hoof problems including laminitis and flat sore feet with very little hoof growth. We could not nail a shoe as she has been mentality traumatised from the pain and distress caused by traditional shoeing. After searching online we discovered Glushu and hoped they would help.We found the shoeing process

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