Angular Limb Deformity: Glushu Sucess!!!

You may remember our little foal Zamorano who came to us when he was born with Angluar Limb Deformity. We are delighted to say Zamorano is now completely straight thanks to Glushu and the constant care of horse experts Heidi and Lorraine Carr. We could not be prouder. Please see update from Heidi below. From Heidi Carr " Our foal Zamorano who is now 8 months old has been wearing Glushu to help with his limb deformity. He has undergone careful trimming and 3 lots of Glushu to provide the balance needed to ensure his bones were developing correctly. Just before Christmas he had his 3rd set of Glushu on and a veterinary examination confirmed Glushu had been successful and Zamorano's limbs and h

Glushu for Endurance Riding.

Glushu are fast becoming the number 1 choice for Endurance riders. Thanks to their cushioned cuff they are protective on multiple terrains from snowy plaines, to mountains to lakes. The ease of shoeing makes them easy to shoe on the go without the risk of injury from nails. Big thanks to Endurance Rider Heidi Kohtala Kohtalon Kenkä Tmi for this brilliant testimonial and wonderful photos. "Let me introduce my horse Sade ! Sade is an 8 year old American-French trotter who has become an endurance horse instead. He has a special sense of humour and strong opinions. The career change was one of them. His hooves have never been good. He has poor hoof walls and they do not grow very well. In endura

Farrier Photo Diary: Horse with whiteline.

Delighted to be sharing the great the work of expert farrier and US Glushu representative Roy Verocay detailing the treatment of a horse with white line in conjuction with Glushu glue on horseshoes. If you are in the USA you can find GLUSHU USA on Facebook and at their website If you would like more information on Glushu for your horse please click here to contact us direct. From farrier Roy Verocay: " This is how this case was presented to us, it had been a while since the mare was trimmed. Hooves were very damaged and investigation showed the presence of white line. We did the initial trim, resection on October 20th. After the trim we applied reversed Glushu (size 3) The 24th December was

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