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( Enough to fit 4-6 pairs of Glushus)

The Pre Fixing Glue provides an extremely fast bonding between the shoe and hoof. ( 100ml)


PRE FIX  -  For horses who cannot hold their feet off the ground due to soreness. For colder temperatures where holding the hoof for 5 minutes is difficult.


You will need per pair of Glushu:

1 x 150ml tube Shufit acrylic glue

1 x pack pre fix Glue and activator spay ( will last 4-6 pairs)

1 x hoof pick to pull back the cuffs whilst backfilling with acrylic glue

1 x Clear roll of hoofwrap




  • Put a medium bead of CA Flex Glue around the base of the hoof and spray the inside bottom of the shoe with the primer / activator.
  • Holding back the side cuffs, slide the shoe onto the hoof, aligning it with the frog and adjust to the correct position.
  • Hold for 30 seconds
  • Once the CA Flex glue has set, place the hoof on the ground.
  • With the hoof on the ground, pull back the cuffs using a hoof pick and backfill inside the cuff with WARM Shufit or Acrylic glue. Wipe off any excess.
  • Use clear hoofwrap to hold the shoe and cuff to the hoof wall while the glue is curing.
  • Place the hoof on the ground and leave for a minimum of 10 minutes in cold temperatures.

Prefix Glue and Activator set

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