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Mini GluShu Fronts Pack contains:

2 x Mini Glushu
1 x 150ml Glue-U Glue
3 x Mixer Tips
1x Adapter


Mini GluShu Pack - Fronts

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Mini Glushu have overcome the challenges in finding a small shoe for laminitic Shetland ponies.

    Glushu uses a lightweight aluminium shoe moulded with a flexible cuff and using the most advanced acrylic glue provides a completely nail free horse shoeing solution that will last 6-12 weeks when applied professionally to a well prepared dust free, clean hoof.These non-invasive, lightweight shoes have an inside cushion which take any shock absorption and eliminate stress or damage to the horses hoof.

  • Please contact us direct if you need to arrange a return or refund -

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