Farrier Report: Glushu for laminitis.

Big thanks to Esther Munter and everyone at Huf Reha Team for reporting on a laminitic mare they have helped using Glushu glue on horse shoes. To find out more about how Glushu helps with laminitis please click here: Laminitis. If you have a laminitic and would like to try Glushu, please click here to order today from our online store: www.glushu.com/shop . We ship world wide. “Hi, we are writing to you regarding Klarchen who came to us when she was completely lame. Further investigation showed that she had pulsation ie. acute laminitis. We made her wedges and the owners cooled the hooves with crushed ice. After 10 days X-rays were taken and we fitted Glushu. We have used Glushu on many lami

Glushu for hoof bone rotation. Video.

Thank you to Mis Marple and her human Ramona for this fantastic Glushu review. That before and after video is amazing. The difference Glushu has made is unbelievable. The Glushu cushion and shock absorption can help any horse with sore feet. If you would like to try Glushu for your horse please order from our online store here: www.glushu.com/shop . We deliver worldwide. “This is my horse Miss Marple and she is 14 years old! Unfortunately, Miss Marple has a number of hoof problems. The most serious was she had very bad hoof bone rotation which almost broke through! Her problems were exacerbated from using nailed on shoes. I knew traditional nailing was not going to work for Miss Marple and s

Anthony Condon Wins at Olympia in Glushu.

Anthony Condon Wins at Olympia in Glushu. 2019 was a great year for our Glushu user Anthony Condon who rounded off the year taking the Champagne Tattinger Ivy Stakes 1.55m jump-off class on Vincomte at Olympia in December. We are sure that this will be another fantastic year. Check out Anthony's Facebook page here for more details on his fantastic win: Anthony Condon. If you are a show jumper who would like to try Glushu on your horse please contact us info@glushu.com.

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