Farrier Case Study: Glushu for Ring Bone.

Thank you to expert farrier Charles who has shared his experience of using Glushu for a horse with ringbone problems. Glushu can be used in may remedial situations including laminitis, whiteline and cracked hooves. If you would like to discuss how Glushu can help your horse please contact us. From Farrier Charles. “This was a case where the horse has ringbone and had previously had her shoes removed and was on/off lame in the time she was barefoot. Between the horse owner and I we decided to give Glushu a try and with the help of John, from Glushu, who made a special rocker pad to be attached to the bottom of the standard Glushu. The main aim was to reduce the pressure of the arthritic joint

Farrier Review: Chronic Laminitis

Great Glushu work from expert farrier Tony who used Glushu glue on horse shoes to help a horse with chronic laminitis. Tony is based in County Durham so if you are looking for a Glushu farrier in the North East of England please contact Tony direct. Details can be found on his Facebook Page here @tonythefarrier. If you have a horse who is suffering with laminitis Glushu could be the answer to their pain. Please order online or contact us to discuss how Glushu can help. From Farrier Tony. “An interesting job today a section A pony with chronic laminitis, after discussions with myself Nick from intake vets and the owners we decided to go the Glushu route. The pony was in a lot of pain and it h

Glushu Show Jumping Winner.

Thank you to Cara Byard and Bella for sharing Sweeties Glushu story. If you think Glushu would be useful for your horse why not purchase them today from our online store. If you would like more information please contact us direct info@glushu.com From Cara Byard: "Massive thank you to Glushu for making my Showjumping pony have springs on her feet! Sweetie’s feet had gone extremely brittle through the winter and after ripping one shoe off including nails and the other one going the same way she was unable to walk on any hard ground without being very uncomfortable. We had tried hoof boots cast shoes but none were suitable. As a BSJA pony who has qualified for some major Championships I though

Owner Video: Glushu Fast Fix Fitting.

Thanks to Henry the Handsome Horse and his human Katie Green for sending us this video of their latest Glushu shoeing. Katie began using Glushu due to Henry's bilateral Navicular and is now completely sound, If your horse has Navicular problems Glushu can help - buy today from the Glushu online store or email us direct info@glushu.com. From Katie Green. “My excellent farrier has been using GluShu on Henry for nearly 3 years. From a lame horse with bilateral Navicular who couldn't keep eggbars on with more filler than hoof, to one very sound, fit, able and happy horse. Here is a quick video of our latest shoeing. The temperatures had dropped a bit after the baking hot days we had been having,

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