Glushu helps Bandolero recover from tendon operation.

Thanks to Natalie Conrad for sharing Bandoleros Glushu story. If you have a barefoot horse or a horse in rehabilitation who needs extra cushion and do not want to nail a shoe please contact us or go to our online store to order today. From Natalie Conrad "I would like to introduce my amazing Andalusian, Bandolero. He has been barefoot for 9 years. However a tendon operation sadly left Bandolero out of work for a long time with box rest ect !! When he was finally ready for a bit of rehab I had to walk him in the roads every day. Unused to this he soon wore out his hoof. I knew I needed to shoe him but I also knew I did not want to nail after so many years barefoot.Both my vet

Update on Koop: 9 months of Glushu.

This is our Gentle Giant Koop from our Horse Diaries. He has very poor feet due to deformities in his coronet band causing grooves, which had weakened the horn. He is only 8 years. His feet were app 9.5 inches. With nothing catering for larger horses we custom made extra large shoes for Koop. If you are looking for Glushu for your horse and your size is not listed in our size chart here, please get in touch Here is the latest update from his human Linda Cox. To see Koops full story so far please click here. Pictures and statement from owner Linda Cox. "Koop and his funky orange Glushus! I can’t believe the difference they have made. They have literally changed his life. We c

Glushu Case: Lame. Amazing results.

Thanks to expert Glushu Farriers Peter Loots and Ulrich Gerusel for sharing this outstanding Glushu case. You can find Ulrich on Facebook and at his website If you have a lame horse you think Glushu can help please get in touch - Be sure to watch outstanding before and after video at the end of this post. From Ulrich: "GluShu paired with GluU for lame horse. There are still many horsemen who say "I do not need such a new-fangled stuff - Too expensive - Does not stop either way". Here again an example of how Glushu can help a lame horse. Before Glushu this horse had a lot of unsightly and uncomfortable hoof gear. He was re-shod every 6 weeks using Gl

Glushu helps retired race horse.

Thanks to Simon Millar from Redwings Horse Sanctuary who has sent us details of an ex racing horse who is enjoying his retirement in the comfort of Glushu glue on horse shoes. If you have any questions about using Glushu please do not hesitate to contact us. From Simon Millar: "This is the latest addition to our family. He is a Retired Race Horse, bred in France at the Agha Khan stud in Heras in 2012. He wasn’t very fast and they tried him at flat and hurdles but he was always slow in between. He last raced on 13 June 2018 for his owner the legendary Donald McCain at Hamilton. We bought him on 3 July after looking at his issues, he had weak feet and he was very thin and in need of TLC, contr

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