Lame horse before and after Glushu video

Big thank you to Sarah Lindsay for this great video showing the instant cushioning effect of Glushu glue on horse shoes. Sarah's horse is a 31 year old thorough bred who suffers from thin, cracked hooves which means that he cannot tolerate traditional nail on shoes. Unfortunately his feet are too bad to go barefoot so he is very lame without hoof protection. This video shows the horse walking before and after Glushu are utilised. You will see the horses footsteps are tentative and pained before the Glushu are fitted. Notice how well the horse can move after the Glushu are applied. He is sure footed with no visible signs of discomfort at all.

Farrier Testimonial: Flat Feet Low Heels

Thanks to expert Glushu Farrier Roy Verocay from Glushu USA for this great Glushu review. Roy Verocay: "Not the best before picture as that's the client had but.....This mare had flared, flat feet with incredibly low heels and was always sore for at least a week after being shod by the previous farrier. She has been in the Glushu for nearly a year and has thicker, straighter walls and was able to go down a size. Her soles have become more concave. She seems to be happy with them and We are now battling a nice heel injury and trying to fix her lower heel. The front cuff has been cut so as to back the shoe. Looking forward to seeing her progress!"

From Lame to leaping thanks to Glushu.

Thank you to Mo and her human Julia for this wonderful Glushu testimonial. Follow their journey on Facebook here - Julia and Mo while you are there be sure to drop our Glushu page a like too - Glushu Facebook “ I am Julia and this is my Coldblood Mare Mo. Mo came into my life in 2015 and we live in Hamburg in Germany. Mo is a pure leisure horse and we spend our days together at the stable on walks or accompanying friends during horse back and dressage lessons. When I first took over care of Mo I knew her heels were already very short and steep. From 2015 to 2016 we lived in a place where her hooves could just about cope using hoof boots and occasionally traditional irons. In 2017 we moved t

Another Glushu Winner: Nina Van Enckevort

Glushu are a new generation of “glue on horseshoes” that are taking the UK and Europe by storm and we are proud to be supporting the next generation of equestrian competitors with our sponsorship of youth rider Nina Van Enckevort. Glushu are the future of horse shoeing so when we were considering sponsorship we knew we would be looking for a young rider who was also set for great things. Nina has been using Glushu competitively in 2017, most recently winning “Juniors (1.20/1.25m) Against the Clock” at the Global Future Champions Event at Topps International Arena on stallion Darc du Rona Z. Nina started riding at the age of four and she has been riding Darc du Rona Z since he was a young h

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