Big River Equine Farrier Review of Glushu

Thanks to Sara Allin at Big River Equine for this great review of Glushu glue on horse shoes. From Sara Allin: "Dear Glushu, thank you for sending the Glushu, the shoes were the perfect size. We did modify them by removing the toe cuff. The mare is clubbed on both fronts and has a bad toe crack. Removing the toe cuff really made fitting easier and also allowed access to the toe crack for the owner to continue treating topically. I do a lot of glue on work and found these easy to apply. I used a weight bearing method with plastic wrap to hold the shoe and help the glue kick off faster. I also used vettec mesh attached to the solar surface of the shoe to hold in packing material. Please see pi

Race Shu: Farrier Trial Review

Thank you to John McAteer for sending through pictures and comments from his trial of the new Race Shu. If you would like to trial the Race Shu please click here to contact us. From John McAteer: " Dear Glushu, here are photos from the racehorse prototypes trial. They have been on since Jan 18th. They were used with great success and the horse returned to full soundness almost instantly. He's been able to keep in full work and racing to date ( March 30th) . You can see how well the shoes wore throughout their shoeing cycle. The horse suffered from pedalositis and the shoes were left longer than most to accommodate healthy hoof growth and repair. I will keep you updated but it is looking ve

Glushu are delighted to announce the sponsorship of Durham dressage rider Katie Roberts.

Glushu are delighted to announce the Sponsorship of Katie Roberts and her handsome horse, Gazelle (aka Overated) Katie grew up in West Pelton, she started riding at the age of 8 and her father, a veterinarian, bought her first horse when she was 11 years old. She has been riding for 25 years. She stables her horses locally and visits them twice a day every day. Gazelle enters dressage competitions locally in Durham and is hoping to move up the levels. She is also showing and has just started jumping. For Gazelle the Glushu are lighter than steel shoes and perfect for dressage. Car parks and tracks are very stony and the Glushu give Gazelle the cushioned support he likes (having pulled a shoe

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