An update from Mr Snip

Thanks to Kim for the update on Mr Snip. Mr Snip had a chronic fear of shoeing to the extent that he would have to be tranquillised to have his nailed on shoes fitter. Kim discovered Glushu which are completely non invasive and can be fitted in almost silence. Mr Snip had his first set of Glushus fitted in February, 7 months later and his 5th set he is calm and can be shoed on all 4 feet in 1 hour instead of the 4 hours it took in the beginning whilst also fully tranquillised. Here are the latest pictures from Kim and Mr Snip.

Henry the handsome horse...

Big thanks to Katie Green for sending us this testimonial for Henry the Handsome Horse "This is my horse Henry and he turned 9 in May. Henrys feet were such a mess and needed egg bars, trying to keep his egg bars on caused more problems. They are so heavy and just came off after about 2 weeks and were wrecking his hoof walls. Unfortunately we got to the point of more filler than hoof and he was un-rideable due to poor feet. I made the decision it was time to ditch the nails. After a bit of research I found Glushu online and thought it seemed like the perfect solution. Henry had no issues at all with the shoeing process, although I felt for my poor farrier having to keep his feet in the air

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