Our Glushu winner Mr Snip!

We have amazing news from our Glushu customer Mr Snip. You may remember we featured Mr Snip in our testimonials back in April. Mr Snips owner Shan Louise came to Glushu with a very upset horse, here is what she said at the time... "I have owned Mr Snip three years I have never been able to hack him out more than once a week and even then I had to be very careful where I took him!! Mr Snip has very sensitive feet and cannot go barefoot so he has been wearing traditional nailed on shoes. Unfortunately Mr Snip hates being nailed and would often need to be sedated in order to get his shoes fitted. The whole experience could be very upsetting for both Mr Snip and myself" Glushu were fitted witho

Glushu saves the day for Alice and Naz.

Thanks to Alice Sweeney and her 7 year old horse Naz for their Glushu testimonial. “I would like to say a huge thanks to Glushu and my excellent Farrier Stewart Gammage. This is Naz doing BE90 at BCA last month. We had a great round all thanks to the top care of my farrier. Naz had pulled his shoe off 5 days before his competition so badly that we could not get a shoe back on. Stu has already shoed another of my horses with Glushu and advised Glushu would be an option for Naz. The fitting process was completely stress free despite the problems resulting from the pulled shoe. Naz has a tendency to stumble on lumpy ground and I have definitely noticed he is much more secure on his feet since

Well done Katie & Gazelle !

We would like to say a big congratulations to Gazelle and her human Katie Roberts for coming 4th in Lanchester recently. Katie Roberts: "Gazelle at Lanchester agricultural show today wearing his GluShu's, I can't recommend these shoes enough as an alternative to nail on shoes, he went fantastically for me and the ride judge and was placed 4th in a large class of lovely horses x"

Mally recovers from suspensory injury.

Big thank you to Fay Louise Hubble and the gorgeous Mally for their wonderful review of Glushu glue on horse shoes. " After months of trying to make my 23 yr old man comfortable and sound following a suspensory injury and feet problems he had his glushu's on about 5 weeks ago now and is like he's had a new leash of life. He's sound , comfortable and I've been back in the saddle thankyou Glushu for making him happy. It's such an easy painless procedure no nails is the way forward. "

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