Farrier Review: Mini Glushu for sensitive feet.

Thanks to expert farrier Dries who was used Glushu to help out a lovely little horse. Please click here to find Dries on Facebook.

If you would like to try Mini Glushu on your horse they are available now from the Glushu online store - click here.

From Dries.

"This little Guy is a 24-year-old gelding who is used for horse driving with his little humans.

Usually barefoot, over the past few months, this horse has developed sensitive feet and has begun to struggle on hard surfaces.I have used Glushu on larger horses with great success and was delighted to see the Mini Glushu range released for Shetlands.

This horse has been shod with the 85mm Mini Glushu. I always use the Fast Fix system when using Glushu as in my experience this is the quickest and easiest method of applying Glushu.

The horse is so much more comfortable in his Mini Glushu. I plan to shoe him another 2 times with Glushu so his feet get a little more strong before trying him barefoot again.

Check out my facebook page to follow his progress"

Glushu for shetland ponies

Glushu for shetland ponies

Glushu for shetland ponies

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