How Glushu can help older horses.

Thanks to Sandra from @hagelhoofs for this fantastic Glushu review for older horses. Be sure to visit their Facebook page and give them a “like” to keep up to date with all of their adventures.

If your horse is on on the more mature side and is struggling with the wear and tear of old age please consider Glushu as an alternative shoeing method. Contact us direct if you would like to order or speak to us about your horse.

“ This is our horse Paola. Paola is an Estonian sport horse, born 1997.

Paola is ageing beautifully but at over 20 years old she needs a little more support for her legs than younger horses. Paola was having a lot of problems with her joints as she was struggling to walk with swollen and sore legs. Traditional nailed on shoes proved to be ineffectual, we needed extra protection. Due to the tenderness of Paolas limbs we were looking for an alternative shoe that would have a shock absorbing effect and a gentle shoeing process.

We found Glushu online and are delighted to say they are perfect for Paola.

The shoeing process was fantastic, completely relaxed, non invasive with no loud hammering. Thanks to the cushioning effect of Glushu Paolas joints are protected and she has shown no signs of inflammation or tenderness.

Paola is able to gallop and jump so well she is now giving her younger counterparts a run for their money."

We would 100% recommend Glushu to any mature horse.”

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